Compliance Officer (70 views)

Athboy, County Meath
July 1, 2024
Summary of Role:


Following the transfer of engagements between Oldcastle and Athboy Credit Unions, the new entity wishes to recruit a Compliance Officer on a part-time (2 days a week) basis. Reporting to the CEO and the Board of Directors, the Compliance Officer will provide assurance to the board and external authorities that the credit union is operating within the letter and spirit of its legal and regulatory obligations and requirements.


Principal duties and responsibilities:
  • Foster and encourage a compliance culture within the credit union;
  • Develop and document the compliance policy and an annual compliance plan including systems and controls to ensure the credit union complies with all statutory and regulatory requirements and guidance;
  • Monitor the activities of the credit union under the compliance plan and report to the Audit Risk & Compliance committee and the board on a regular basis, at least quarterly;
  • Monitor the systems and controls in place to ensure officers comply with any applicable individual legal and regulatory requirements and guidance (e.g., Minimum Competency Code and Fitness and Probity regime for credit unions);
  • Monitor member complaints for compliance issues;
  • Establish and assess systems of control for compliance issues within the credit union; oversee compliance controls through audit; monitor compliance across the credit union and investigate and report cases of non-compliance/compliance exceptions and breaches to the Board of Directors and the CEO; ensure adequate records are kept and maintained by the credit union around compliance;
  • Review proposals in relation to new products and services, material modifications to existing products and services and major management initiatives to ensure compliance with current and planned statutory and regulatory requirements and guidance;
  • Update the compliance policy and plan to take account of new or updated compliance requirements (including new or updated legal and regulatory requirements and guidance), new products and services, material modifications to existing products and services and major management initiatives;
  • Ensure sufficient training is being undertaken so that all officers have the necessary knowledge to comply with their statutory and regulatory requirements;
  • Support directors and the CEO in meeting their compliance requirements under Section 55(1)(m) and Section 63A of the Credit Union Act 1997 (as amended), respectively;
  • Liaise with regulatory bodies on compliance issues as necessary or requested;
  • Perform any other reasonable task assigned by the Audit and Risk Committee, the board or the CEO;
  • Attend the meetings of the Audit and Risk Committee monthly or as requested and other committee meetings as part of the testing programme
Candidates should have:
  • Professional 3rd level qualifications relevant to the role
  • Comprehensive understanding of credit union operations and legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Proven communication and interpersonal skills including strong oral and written reporting
  • A positive mindset coupled with the ability to guide and support colleagues in achieving high compliance standards.

Athboy Credit Union Limited  is an equal opportunities employer