Social Responsibility & Marketing Officer 9 Months Fixed Term Contract (109 views)

June 22, 2024

To attend to and coordinate all requests for charity and sponsorships by organisations from the bank’s Charitable and Welfare funds regionally, in order to promote the Bank’s Corporate Social responsibility thereby improving the disadvantaged communities through education, health and skills development and poverty alleviation to provide assistance to the Marketing Department on an ad hoc basis.

• Obtains a request from an organisation for sponsorship.
• Telephonic and or personal engagements with applicants regarding requests for sponsorships.
• Reviews and completes the Al Baraka Bank Social Responsibility application form.
• Commits to an arranged or impromptu visit to the relevant premises.
• Researches the prospective organisation by checking and verifying postal and residential address, legal status and other relevant particulars, obtains contact details such as full name, numbers, fax, email and website.
• Confirms that the applicant satisfies the bank’s criteria in terms of FICA and compliance with the
key controls and procedures.
• Screens the organisations names against the Albaraka watch list.
• Investigates previous assistance that may have been provided by Albaraka Bank as well as Iqraa
trust and South African Muslim Charitable Trust and assesses how many times assistance was
• Queries the reasons for financial assistance and how the funds will be utilised including the impact of the sponsorship.
• Reviews the annual financial statement of the organisation as well as supporting Documentation to ascertain the financial position of the organisation.
• Assist with market research for the Bank’s Marketing team

• Ensures the application is completed with the organisational profile including the background
vision, mission of the organisation as well as details of the composition of the
• Prepares a comprehensive proposal for each organisation Obtains at least three sets of quotations
for items required ensuring that maximum usage of funds is achieved.
• Compile the pack for submission to the Committee, which includes the applications, disbursement
schedule, availability of fund schedule, audit checklist, Iqraa Trust schedule checklist, SAMCT
schedule checklist, schedule of ABL watch list, Communication to Shariah board regarding the
approved sponsorships and minutes of the previous meetings.
• Offers recommendations to those organisations that have motivated for assistance at the meeting
with the Sustainability and Social Responsibility Committee.
• Discusses, reviews all new applications with the committee.
• Prepares a schedule of all successful applications for Shariah Board approval and thereafter submits applications for board approval.
• Annual review of SRC Charter.
• Preparation of the Social and Ethics Committee Reports bi-annually.
• Providing Section 18A Certificate to finance.
• Preparation of reports to ABG.
• To prepare the report required for the AFS.
• To assist in the completion of BASA reports, questionnaires and information required.
• Assists the Marketing department with any reporting requirements

• Forwards the approval list to Shariah Board for final approval.
• Prepares and submits letters to Head of Marketing and Wealth for sign off.
• Forwards letters to the successful and unsuccessful organisations.
• Advises selected organisation of the sponsorship and arranges meetings/visits in order to roll out
the specifics.
Project Management
• Ensures that the budget is managed and controlled accurately.
• Engages the services of Quantity surveyor when requested.
• Reviews contractors final quotations in conjunction with the QS final approval.
• Liaising with suppliers and organisations in obtaining final invoices for payments.
• Prepares payment requisition and obtains all banking information of the supplier and organisation.
• Engages with the Marketing department where media coverage or plaques are required.
• Arranges an official launch at the relevant site upon completion of delivery ensuring media
• Liaises with the Facilities department for support when organising presentations and events.
• Prepares the meeting packs with assistant from Compliance Executive’s PA.
• Reviews the minutes compiled by the Compliance Executive PA.
• Attending to the follow up of decisions of the committee.
• To attend and participate in the following meetings:
– Media and Marketing meetings.
– BEE committee
– Stakeholder Engagement committee.
– To attend and participate in the CSR committee of BASA
– To attend and participate in the CFE committee of BASA
– To attend and participate in the AFS Committee.
– To assist with UNDP initiatives.

• Addressing Internal and External audits.
• Addresses the Shariah Audit.
• Audits on historical sponsorships by preparing the checklist, identifying an accountant to conduct
the audit, obtaining a feedback report from the accountant and submits to the SCR Committee.
• Identifies the suppliers that can assist towards obtaining our BEE Certificate.
• Obtains signed agreement from the supplier verifying their BEE status.
• Compiles the documents for processing of the BEE rating.
• Submits to the Verification Agency.
• Management of legacy projects on an ongoing basis with the assistance of external consultants.
• To assist in the facilitation of CFE initiatives
• Manages the Bank’s legacy projects such as Mandela Day & Blanket Drive

• A Degree or Diploma in a similar field
• Financial background will be advantageous

• A Degree or Diploma in a similar field
• Financial background will be advantageous

• A minimum of 1 – 2 years of experience is required in the area of Corporate Social Investment

Al Baraka Bank is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants from the previously disadvantaged groups and people with disabilities will be given preference.