General Manager Operations (123 views)

May 26, 2024

To oversee the central operations department which consists of 8 key functional area of the bank. This role is pivotal in ensuring the smooth and compliant operation of the Bank’s services in alignment with regulatory requirements and Bank policies.

Exchange Control:
• Monitor, manage, and control Foreign Exchange Operations within the scope of South African Reserve Bank
Exchange Control Rulings & Regulations.
• Manage relationships with SARB and SARS regarding exchange control regulations.

International Banking:
• Oversee cross-border payments and receipts, ensuring compliance with the Bank’s policies, Shariah standards, and international banking practices.
• Manage letters of credit and bills for collection.

Trade Desk:
• Manage all trade payment requests in compliance with Bank policies, Shariah standards, and Exchange Control Regulations.

Advances Technical Support:
• Process all advances applications post-credit approval, including customer creation, collateral management, and facility management.
• Manage Musharaka and Insurance departments, including annual rollovers and insurance confirmations.
• Oversee post-payout activities such as issuing settlement letters and legal statements.

Central Support:
• Manage the Forex Virtual Branch and Attorney Trust Saver Accounts in compliance with regulatory requirements and bank policies.
• Handle bank statements allocations and user access testing (UAT).
• Ensure the drafting and approval of bank policies and procedures.

Customer Services:
• Manage overall customer experience, including the inbound Call centre and Virtual branch.

Compliance Operations:
• Onboard customers on IMal and ensure compliance with FIC Act and the bank’s Risk Management and
Compliance Programme.
• Review and approve mobile banking applications.

Forex Dealing Room:
• Manage nostro correspondent bank accounts and book FX deals for clients.
• Oversee intercompany relationships with other Al Baraka group entities.

• Generate reports for EXCO and other management as needed.
• Attend to reports to COO MANCO.

Staff Development:
• Identify and address developmental needs of staff through performance assessments.
• Conduct performance reviews and appraisals.
• Collaborate with HR on recruiting and staff engagement.
• Motivate and communicate effectively with staff.

Regulatory and Compliance:
• Ensure compliance with bank policies and regulatory requirements.
• Implement and review effective checks and balances.

• Implement overall COD strategies as determined by EXCO.
• Streamline operations and introduce efficiencies.

Service Delivery:
• Ensure efficient communication and service delivery between COD and supporting divisions.
• Participate in relevant projects and perform ad hoc managerial tasks.
• Meet with clients regarding COD service support.
Representation in Committees:
• Represent COD and Senior Management in various committees.
• Attend EXCO meetings as a COD representative.

• Relevant Degree including Honours.

• At least 10 years banking experience in a senior operational role is required.

• Sound knowledge of the Banking industry with specific reference to Banking Administration, Operations,
Customer Service and regulatory requirements associated thereto.

Al Baraka Bank is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants from the previously disadvantaged groups and people with disabilities will be given preference.