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September 9, 2022

4 Reasons why you shouldn’t pay for a job interview

When an employer demands you to pay for an application, you may assume you’re dealing with recruitment fraud. Most of the time, that is the case. Unfortunately, there is a group of legitimate employers that ask for payment to be considered for a job interview.
Here are four reasons you should not pay for a job interview.

1. The employer also benefits from the job interview
A job interview is not only an opportunity for job seekers but also for employers. As you benefit from everything, the job can bring you in your personal life and careerwise, the employer also benefits from it.Therefore there is no reason for them to ask you for payment as they also benefit from job seekers applying.

2. Everyone deserves a fair chance
When an employer asks job seekers to pay to be considered for a job, they aren’t an equal-opportunity employer. Because they only offer you a chance if you are willing and able to pay the application fee. We all know that in this economic climate, not every job seeker can pay an application fee. And even if you are, it isn’t fair to ask you for money in exchange for a chance.

3. It is not worth it
Even if you’re in the financial position to pay to be considered for a job, it’s not worth it. Payment does not guarantee that the rest of the recruitment process will be fair. Besides that, plenty of employers would welcome you with open arms without you having to pay a dime.

4. Not an honest workplace
If the recruitment process isn’t fair, how can you rely on anything else that the company does to be fair? You can’t. Shady business practices lead to shady work environments. And is that a place where you would want to work? We know we wouldn’t.

At the end of the day, it is your choice whether you pay to be considered for a job. We suggest you don’t give in to these employers and only apply where an application is free of charge. This way, recruitment stays fair to all job seekers, and employers can’t abuse their position.


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