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November 30, 2022

Simple tips and tricks to give a great presentation

You’ve been working hard at your job, hoping to be noticed by your manager. And then, one day, it happens. Your manager asks you to give a presentation to the team or some of the company’s clients. Excitement takes over, and you immediately say yes. But later, your excitement turns into doubt. Luckily we are here to give you some tips and tricks to help you feel more confident, comfortable, and at ease when presenting your presentation.


Before you give a presentation, you should prepare yourself. There are various things that you should think of. What is the presentation going to be about? What do you want to say? Which message do you want to leave the audience with? Do you want to entertain or inform? Who is your audience? How big is the space where you’re going to give your presentation? It is essential to think about these questions. This way, you know what to do and can prepare to provide an excellent presentation.


Looking nicely put together when you’re giving a presentation is crucial. People are visual beings, so they immediately have an image of you and your presentation in mind when they see you. Even before you start your presentation. Therefore, you need to consider the message you want to give in your presentation. And who your audience is. After establishing these two points, you need to adjust your outfit to this. Do not wear clothing that is too tight, too short, or too big. This doesn’t look presentable and can be a distraction. It is possible that the clothing you will wear for your presentation is different than the clothing you wear daily. If this is the case, wearing clothing you feel comfortable in is essential. It will show and negatively affect your presentation if you don’t feel comfortable in your clothing.

An extra tip for the ladies. If you wear (high) heels, ensure you can stand and walk in them for the whole presentation.

Make Eye Contact

It’s important to make eye contact with your audience during your presentation. By making eye contact regularly, you connect with your audience. Making eye contact with strangers might be uncomfortable, especially when you’re already nervous about giving a presentation. Suppose there is someone in the audience that you know you can start by making eye contact with them. Make sure that you don’t make it all about them, though. Then during your presentation (when you feel more comfortable), you can start making eye contact with other audience members.

An essential part of making eye contact is the duration of eye contact. When making eye contact, it is important not to lock eyes for too long. A few seconds is enough. 2 to 5 seconds should be okay. Making eye contact with someone longer than that can intimidate others. It can also make them feel uncomfortable, and you’ll end up in an awkward situation. Besides being awkward, it can distract you, which will not benefit your presentation.

Body Language

Make sure that you stand firm. This means standing up straight with your feet firm on the ground. If you are sitting while presenting, you should sit up straight. Don’t keep turning left and right, as the chair might squeak, which can be a distraction. Besides that, you will look less confident and professional while doing so. Make sure you don’t fold your arms but use your hands to speak. Not too much, though, but just in a natural way.

Make Use of the Room

Depending on the size of the space you’re giving your presentation at, you should walk around a little. You can get away with standing in one spot if it’s a small room. If the room is big and you have a big audience, you should walk around a little. This way, you are visible to your whole audience. Make sure you don’t walk too fast and keep walking up and down. Just like speaking with your hands, it should be done naturally.

Note Cards

Note cards are a great solution if you feel you might forget what you want to say. Note cards are small cards with catchwords on them. Make sure there are only catchwords on the note cards and not complete sentences. When complete sentences are written on your note card, you might start reading them out loud instead of giving a presentation. If you decide to use note cards, don’t play with them while giving your presentation.

Fake it till you make it

A mistake can be made at any time. If you make a mistake, you should not let it ruin your presentation. Whatever the error may be, please don’t show it to your audience. Stay calm (which can be difficult at times), breathe, and improvise. And continue as if nothing happened.

Remember that it’s not the end of the world if you make a mistake. It’s all part of the journey. And most of the time, your audience will not even know that you made a mistake. You can make a joke about it or apologize if they do know. But whatever you do, don’t panic and always continue.

Self Confidence

Believe in yourself. Go into your presentation believing you can and will give an excellent presentation and that this will be the best presentation that you will provide. Believe that the message you are trying to spread will be received and that your audience will enjoy your presentation.

Short Pauses

When giving a presentation, you must take short pauses as you speak. These brief pauses are vital as they allow you to think and catch your breath. They also give your audience the time to take in your words. Besides that, it is much more pleasant for your audience to listen to someone that takes their time while speaking instead of rushing through their presentation.

These tips and tricks will make you feel more confident when giving a presentation. And remember that it’s okay if the first time it doesn’t go as well if you would want to. Always try again, as practice makes perfect!

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