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January 19, 2023

Temp Agencies

Being employed directly by a company is what most people aim for. During a crisis of any kind, the chances of a company hiring workers directly become seemingly slimmer. Big companies usually turn to temp agencies during those times. Therefore, if you’re trying to get your foot in the door or simply want to get a (temporary) job, you should sign up with a temp agency.

Choosing a temp agency

There are many temp agencies to choose from. When signing up, make sure you sign up with a temp agency specializing in the field you would like to work in. This is important when you have a diploma or degree that can only be used in certain fields. Besides that, it will also help you get a job you want and like. Some temp agencies can ask you to sign up with them exclusively. During this period, it is best to spread your chances; therefore, you should sign up with as many temp agencies that specialize in your field.

When you don’t have a specific field that you want to work in or you have a diploma with which you can work diverse jobs, it would be best to sign up for many different types of temp agencies. Choosing the right temp agency depends on what you’re looking for and your short-term and long-term goals.

Benefits of working through a temp agency


You will have a (steady) paycheck when you’re working through a temp agency. Most temp agencies offer you different payment choices. Usually, you’ll have the choice to get paid every week, biweekly, or every month.

Resume Builder

Additional to getting a (steady) paycheck, you will also build on your CV. This way, you will not have a gap (or a smaller gap) on your resume. Of course, everyone will understand that getting a job isn’t always easy, but this will show your determination, drive, and resourcefulness later in your career.

You get a foot in the door

Getting inside certain companies can be very difficult, even in the best of circumstances. When you get the job through a temp agency, you will have an advantage over people trying to get in without the help of a temp agency. After a while, the company can then decide to take you on as a direct employee, as you have already been there and paid your dues.

Tip: if you want to know which temp agency a certain company works with, you can simply call the company and ask them. This way, you will be sure that you’re signing up with the right temp agency.

Disadvantages of working through a temp agency


When you work through a temp agency, you don’t always receive the same benefits as your co-workers who work directly for the company. As you do the same work, this doesn’t seem fair and isn’t. Unfortunately, this is how it often goes as in some countries. Luckily, some temp agencies match the benefits the company gives.


Depending on the type of work that you’re doing, you may never get a direct contract at the company. This isn’t a decision made by temp agencies, but by the company that hires temporary workers. You will also not be sure how long you will be able to work at the same company as temporary workers are the first ones companies let go if needed.


Working at a company through a temp agency is always temporary. It can be days, weeks, months, or even years, but it will end. The good news is that you can always get a new job through the agency at the same company or another one. The bad news is that there is no guarantee that you will get a new job immediately after the previous one has ended.

As you can see, a temp agency can be beneficial in your quest for the ideal job. Not only is it a great temporary solution, but it can also bring you long-term career success. And be the start of a beautiful career.

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