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August 24, 2022

The correct way to use body language during a job interview

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The focus is always on what you should say during a job interview. And you’re right. You must say the right things but what is also important is what you don’t say. You may have guessed it; we are talking about body language. 

Body language is just as important as verbal communication during a job interview. Some may say even more important as you may say all the right things but don’t match it with the right body language to land your (verbal) message.

As everyone is still careful because of the aftermath of the pandemic, some hiring managers don’t shake hands. If they do, your handshake is one of your first things to make a good impression. There are three things to think of when shaking someone’s hand. 

1. Make sure that it’s not a weak handshake

2. Make sure that it’s not too firm of a handshake

3. Make eye contact 

It may be confusing as we mentioned that you should not have a weak handshake but also not too firm of a handshake. To define it. Don’t be too gentle or afraid to hold someone’s hand when shaking it. The other person needs to feel that you’re shaking their hand. But on the other hand, you should not have too tight of a grip on the other person’s hand. And especially not to the point where you almost hurt the other person. Like most things in life, you should have a balance when shaking someone’s hand. 

Eye contact 

We briefly mentioned eye contact but would like to explore it more. As eye contact is essential, it can go wrong in different ways.

Eye contact is important as it gives the other person the impression that you’re listening to what they’re saying. Besides that, it is also considered respectful in most countries.

You made eye contact with the hiring manager when giving a handshake, so now it is time to scan the room, right? Wrong! Scanning the room should not be on your list of to-dos during a job interview. It takes away your focus and may give off the impression that you’re not interested. 

If it’s hard for you to make eye contact, you should practice it. It will help you during your job interview and in life.

Touching stuff

If there are different objects on the table or desk during your job interview, don’t touch them. And if you do touch something, make sure not to pick it up and play with it.

Different uses of a chair

Sounds weird? Maybe but what we mean to say is that even when simply sitting on a chair isn’t as easy as it seems. Let’s break it down.

Moving on your chair

You don’t have to sit still during the whole interview. But constantly moving around gives the wrong impression. It’s okay to show that you’re nervous, and it will probably show through your body language anyway. But if you catch yourself moving around too much, stop it immediately. Moving around can be wiggling left to right, continuesly crossing your legs, bumping your back against the backrest and more. 


Slouching is also a big no when presenting yourself during a job interview. Most of us do it without even noticing. But as soon as you do, make sure that you sit up straight. 


They say that a smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear. And it’s true.Make sure to smile but don’t giggle like a little schoolgirl.And we get it you may be selfconsouis about your smile but smile anyway. You will never get denied a job in finance because of your smile. It’s finance not modelling. 

Playing with your hair

You can send different messages if you’re constantly playing with your hair. And no, these are not the messages you would like to give during a job interview. A short description of what it can relay. 

1. A lack of interest 

When people are bored, they tend to play with their hair. And obviously, you do not want to give the impression that you are bored or unimpressed by the hiring manager.

2. Sexual advances 

Playing with your hair can also convey that you’re flirting or making sexual advances. 

Too many handgestures

A lot of people use hand gestures when they talk. And there is nothing wrong with that. Just make sure that you don’t use too many hand gestures. If you use them too much, then it can be disctracing and take away from your message.

As you can see, body language is far more complex than we can describe in a single post. If you want to know more about body language, how it works, and how you can use it during your job interview, we have three book recommendations for you.

Book recommendation 1

Body language for Dummies

We recommend Body language for Dummies to keep it simple and fun because educational reading and fun can go together. Any for-dummies book is always easy to understand as things get explained in a simple and fun way. And afterward, you feel like anything but a dummy.

Book recommendation 2 

Digital body language

In a world where more and more things turn digital, job interviews are also more and more online. And here body language is just as important as during an in-person job interview. 

Book recommendation 3

Body Language: How to Read Others, Detect Deceit, and Convey the Right Message

The title of the book says it all. This book will teach you everything that you need to know about body language. Not only does it discuss your body language but also that of others. And how you can use body language to send the correct message. A must-read.

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